Engagement Ring Mountings

Enjoy our portfolio of engagement ring mountings. We recommend you use a heavier gold or platinum mounting, thus providing extra protect for your diamonds. A Soul to Heart is a designing jewelry manufacturer, who has built it’s reputation on quality, service and affordability. These prices are for higher color center diamonds. Meaning they fall into the G.I.A. range of D to F. Engagement diamonds having H to J center stone will reflect a lower price. Send us a picture of your perfect style and we can give you a competitive quote. So we can help guide you with this important purchase.

Although the pictures contain a round diamond. Most other shapes can be used with these designs. We always suggest a six prong setting, to assure your center stone is wrapped securely. Today we wear our jewelry 24-7, therefore it takes extreme punishment and wear in our everyday life. Our suggestion is you have your rings and jewelry checked at least every three months to prevent further damage. Any sign of catching or roughness, is often the first warning of a bigger problem.

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