925 Sterling Silver Chains & Bracelets

This collection of 925 Silver Chains-Bracelets, offers you the finest and strongest examples to protect your precious Charms, Pendants and Keepsakes. The Silver Chains-Bracelets we sell are Solid. They are flexible and allow free movement of your Charm or Keepsake. These can be ordered in most lengths ranging from  7″ to 24″;  Most customers find an 16-18″ chain for women and a 20-22″ chain for men work best on average. Although here at A Soul to Heart, any size can be ordered upon request.

Therefore the styles we recommend for a women searching for a sturdy chain or bracelet, are our Cable and Box Chains; The Cable Chains are our first choice, because of its alternating solid loops and diamond cuts, offers maximum stability and protection no matter what size you chose in our collection.

While most men prefer the simplicity of our Figaro or Curb Link Chains. As listed above, they can be ordered in any length and width to match your charm or keepsake. Thus A good way to determine the proper Chain for yourself or a love one, is to check their shirt collar size. Add 3-4″ if you want it to lay right below the collar, with the average being 20″.  Increments of 2″ will make these 925 Silver Chains fall approximately one inch further down your neck.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding your purchase of one of our Silver Chains-Bracelets.

We look forward to earning your trust and business, with excellent advise and quality products and services.

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