925 Sterling Silver

Enjoy the diversity of these unique themed charms in our galleries of 925 Sterling Silver. While browsing our categories, realize they represent just a small selection of what is possible. Here at A Soul to Heart.Com your suggestions are always welcome.

We create a Keepsakes to touch your soul and heart. Their detail and versatility offer many choices. When you’re finished, hopefully our selection will inspire you into picking your perfect Keepsake.

We are the only keepsake company, using our patented containers, who can create a keepsake out of something you already own. Remember this, knowing that any item can be ordered as a charm first, and changed to a Keepsake, later. We hope you’ll cherish our custom keepsakes while enjoying the fact they look like a normal piece of jewelry. Letting them touch your heart, soul and mind, with memories of your favorite people, places or things.

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