14 Kt. Gold Cladda-Symbolic Charms

  Browse our beautiful collection of 14 Kt. Gold Cladda-Symbolic Charms, they will touch your heart and soul. Price Does Not include a chain. You can search our line of 14 kt. gold chains to find something within your budget. We can also use a chain you already own. We suggest you submit it with your order, so we can evaluate its ability to hold your keepsake. Our charms can be converted to a keepsake and worn too connect you to the memories, people or things you hold dear to your heart.

 The Charms in this category are 14 Karat Gold. They represent a small sampling of what we can offer our customers. There are more Cladda-Symbolic Charms available to you, upon request. Let us design a unique and specific Cladda-Symbolic Charm for you and your family.

 We also have the ability to use a charm you already own. That is what is so unique about our patented containers. It offers you endless opportunities to create a keepsake which reflects and touches your inner soul.

 Order one of our Gold Cladda-Symbolic Charms and enjoy them now, while having the flexibility to enhance their value with memories, at a later date.

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