Unique Gift Ware

This interesting and diverse collection of unique gift ware, show there are no limits here at A Soul to Heart. What you can imagine, we can create into a beautiful Keepsake made specifically for you. While most companies build there business with a cookie cutter, we at A Soul to Heart like a good challenge. We will try anything, if successful, you have a unique keepsake to cherish and pass down through generations. If we’re unable to create your perfect keepsake, there is no charge for our labor or loss of materials. Touching your soul and heart, is our ultimate goal.

Suggestions are always welcome, just allow us a few days to contemplate the best solution to your inquire. Our ability to use one of our patented containers to accent a gift ware item, is unmatched in the industry. We can place it in plain sight, or hide it somewhere within the gift ware piece.

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