Gift Ware – Candles/Frames Gallery

This limited selection of Candles/Frames in our Gift Ware Page also shows the diversity of our product.  It  is meant to give our customers new ways to create their own personal Keepsake. No longer settling for a few ways to connect you to the people, things and memories you cherish. Thus at A Soul to Heart, your suggestions are heard. We will design a Keepsake which is special just for you. Use these items to inspire other ideas which will forever place a gentle smile and warm glow in your heart.

We place your sample remembrance into one of our Patented Round Containers. The larger ones, (appx. Nickle and Quarter) sizes, come with a thick Crystal on one side for easy viewing. Thus all of our containers can be placed either underneath or in front of the candles. While in the case of our frames, sunken into the bottom or the top of your frame or bench.


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