About Us

Gary the owner of A Soul to Heart Inc. has been designing jewelry in the Connecticut area since 1982. He’s always believed, quality, fair value, service and integrity are the backbone of any successful business, as his retail store of 31 years, relies on word of mouth referrals, and has maintained these principles with the birth of A Soul to Heart Inc. in 2009.

During the past twenty years, he has seen many unusual requests by his customers to design a specific piece of jewelry to contain the ashes of their loved ones. His first custom keepsake, came at the request of parents who lost their young child, after showing a number of crosses, they suggested some form of heart keepsake. Twenty years ago, there was nothing available, a locket could work, but he decided it was too thin to hold the sample for decades, so he doubled up a solid heart, created a cavity, filled it, then sealed it closed and engraved the name of their son on the front, with the dates on the back. Some other examples, were a frog, a clown, a manatee, a microphone, which held special significance to the individuals. The process in the past required completely sealing the back of the charm with a sheet of gold or silver and soldering all the edges. It was worth the time and effort, as the personalized pieces brought back wonderful memories of their mother, or other family members whom had pasted, and made them feel closer to them, by wearing these custom charms close to their hearts. Hence our name A Soul to Heart.

We realized the need to provide people with options which would reflect their own ideas and connection, not everyone wants a cross or an angel; and many men don’t wear jewelry. That’s when Gary decided to play with an idea he had to make a universal container that could change its size and shape and depth. It could act as an independent piece of keepsake jewelry or enhance and modify any charm or gift ware; This idea was so different and original, he now owns a patent and exclusivity on his idea with his U.S. Patent Number 8,281,465

Everyone has a different moment or memory, and we’d like to create something which will connect you to the one you love. The beauty of this adjustable and adaptable container, is its flexibility to hold not only ashes, but scrapping from a headstone which can be mixed with dirt from the plot to memorialize your loved ones which were not cremated. Gary used this method to secure the essence of his father who passed away in 1992, and placed it into his tie tacs of an angel, and sun, which remind him of his father. While on the road, it rekindles fond memories of the love they shared. The container can be hidden from view, so only the wearer needs to know of its contents, and even when in full view, retains its visual beauty of a piece of jewelry.
We can also integrate and adapt your personal jewelry items, with this new method and design.

This process is not limited to just the above examples, it can hold sand from the beach where you were married with flowers and fabric from your dress and his tux. We’ve already made a baptism rosary, and other unique pieces. The exciting part of this concept and design, is the unlimited avenues and methods to memorialize the people and moments you loved in your life.

Check some of the options available to you, or email us your idea at A Soul to Heart.com